How to Get PHP code of Any Website

Unlike HTML, CSS, or even JavaScript, PHP code is usually executed server-side and is not public. Because of this, you can’t just look at it in Devtools.

However, there are some ways that may (or may not) allow us to look into the code of a given site.

1. Search for the GitHub repo.

It may be surprising, but some don’t necessarily hide their code. You can find a lot of great open-source projects on the web that you can learn from. Before you make any other efforts, search to see if there’s a repository on Github for the website code you’re curious about.

To do this, use the Code Search (github.com) page.

2. Apply for a job in the company that is developing the website.

If you almost love the specific project, it may be a good idea to apply for a job with the company responsible for it. If you manage to become a programmer there, you would not only be able to learn how the code works, but also develop it.

3. Ask the owner. It works! (sometimes)

When I started learning PHP, I was interested in browser games. It was around 2010, so I didn’t really have better alternatives because I didn’t have a good PC.

Anyway, I wanted to make my own browser game, but I didn’t have enough knowledge to do it. I really liked a project that had a few hundred dedicated players and included all the features I could ever want. As a young kid, I didn’t hesitate to write to the developer who created the game and ask if he would share the code for me to learn. Although I wouldn’t expect it today, the guy said he wasn’t working on the game anymore anyway, so he can send me the code. He not only sent me the whole package but also helped me set it all up in my local environment. I’ll admit that I learned a little bit on this project.

So as you can see, sometimes it’s worth at least trying.